Peel Up N Dye (PUD) does not warranty the products/goods sold.  If there is an issue with the product please contact the manufacturer directly.  With that said, if there is an issue feel free to reach out to us to see if we can help.  We are here for our customers and will do what we can to assist you with your problem.



Returns are only allowed on items that can be restocked and resold. As all dye drop-ins are mixed when ordered, they are non-refundable. If you have a question on if your item qualifies for the return policy, ask prior to buying. Refunds are allowed within 30 calendar days of purchase only if the product is new/unused/undamaged. ONLY the cost of product purchased will be refunded. Any shipping protection, shipping to, and return shipping will be the responsibility of the customer.  Refunds will be issued within 7 days of receiving the return & only once the product has been verified to be in an acceptable condition.


Our company provides sales and technical support assistance before, during and after the purchase process, and endeavors to provide accurate and helpful information to our customers. However, you, the customer, is solely responsible for making a final determination as to the suitability and compatibility of any of the product(s) we sell. PUD takes zero responsibility or liability for the process, usage or end result of the products purchased on this website or any affiliated websites. All cars, paints, and surfaces are unique. Test the product on your car for a suggested length of 3 weeks, and monitor removal. Take special note to cars that have been re-painted, as all paint shops use different types and amounts of materials. Take special note to new cars, as different cars may take longer to cure when painted from the factory. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you release PUD from any and all liability regarding the result or results from using the products sold on our website or any affiliated websites.


Peel Up N Dye (PUD) offers liquid wrap installation services to local customers. PUD is not a liquid wrap manufacturer but is solely the installation party and makes no guarantee to the product compatibility with your vehicle. PUD is not responsible for any mishaps that may occur during day-to-day life while having a removable coating applied to your vehicle (wheels, grille, taillights, body panels, entire car, or any other liquid wrapped product). We are also not responsible for damage of the product if the customer fails to follow proper maintenance & cleaning or care of the product.

If anything happens beyond your control to the removable paint that is due to an installation error of the removable liquid wrap within 14 days of job finish date the issue will be fixed at no cost to you, the customer. However, if anything happens within those 14 days and you decide to remove the dip yourself, you forfeit this warranty.

PUD is not responsible for removal of the liquid wrap coatings applied to the customers car.  Since removable liquid wrap sticks to the vehicle’s surface there is a slight risk that during removal the original surface may be damaged. Although this situation is extremely unlikely, there is always a possibility.  We mention this risk for your awareness but are in no way responsible for any damage that may occur.  By purchasing an installation service from us you understand this risk and absolve PUD from any liability. 

Proper liquid wrap maintenance is important on any car. We suggest following the manufacturers guidelines for optimum performance and longevity.  In general, avoid any automatic car washes, avoid brushes and anything that physically touches your car besides water and water-based soaps (no VOCs).  Cars with gloss or matte clear coats will have separate wash and care guidelines available on the site or the manufacturers websites.  Please contact us for more information.

Under no circumstance will any guarantee be made to cars that have been re-sprayed.  Please call us for options and further detail.  In general, any car that has been re-sprayed should only be liquid wrapped with a waterborne product.


Peel Up N Dye makes no guarantee to the accuracy of colors on the website.  It is absolutely impossible for us to 100% accurately display the final color of your product over the internet.  There are numerous factors that go into displaying these colors and those displayed on this site are a representation of the final product only.  Due to the many variations of monitors, mobile devices, browsers, etc. color samples may appear different on different monitors.  Everyone also visualizes and interprets colors differently.  The lighting and coverage of the colors will play a large part in the final product as well.  Many of the pearls offered will look differently under sunlight than under lighting.  

Gloss & matte/satin finishes will also change the way your final product looks.  Most of the speed shapes and car examples posted on our site are with a gloss clear coat.  Customers should not expect the same level of vibrancy when using matte/satin finishes.